Saturday, March 7, 2009


As previously mentioned, I am sucker for ballet flats. These are right up my alley! Found on, really a super duper site. They are a UK based company (that ship world-wide) set out to source ethically sound clothing and accessories that don't compromise style. So that includes organic, fair-trade, sustainable, recycled, and vegan clothing.

I'm down with smart fashion. I am very into shopping at charity shops for overlooked pieces, ripping them apart and putting them together in a new way. There is so much out there already, might as well reuse it instead of just adding to the pile. This seems to be a mindset that's really taking off with indie designers.

Anyway, I digress...the flats. They are made out of bubblegum scented plastic....WHAT!!! Who doesn't want to live in a world where shoes smell like bubblegum!

PS: Fashion-conscience has quite a few pretty unmentionables. Sorry boy readers....

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