Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Craftsmanship for the crafter...

How completely delightful are these sewing accessories from Maison Sajou!?

Mother of Pearl Sewing Set - 94,00€

Wooden Tape Measure - Red ribbon - 15,00€

Calais Cocoons (Lace Thread, Bright Colours) - 24,00€

Tortoiseshell Style Scissors - 58,00€

Notepads to Embroider (Chinon Model) - 35,00€

Embroidery Folding Knife (Cornflower Motif) - 52,00€


Andrea said...

Will you teach me how to sew??? Just so that I can use these fabulous sewing tools? (sigh)

Emily said...

Or so that you can make things with me! It could be an empire Mrs!!