Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Honied Cucumber on Buttered Rye

If you are a fan of the classic cucumber sandwich, you must try this adaptation.

A girl I met years ago gave me this recipe swearing that she knew it to be a favorite of a forgotten Russian Empress (which is all you really need to say to get me to love anything).

I've no idea if there is truth in that claim, and after a quick google search, I am none the wiser. Most likely just a story to add a bit of romance to a classed up cucumber sarnie (which I completely approve of). Either way, it's scrumptious and delightfully refreshing for summer. Hope you enjoy!

Honied Cucumber on Buttered Rye

Rye Bread
Sea Salt

Lightly toast a slice of rye bread, then butter it and sprinkle with a very small bit of salt. Layer with thinly sliced cucumbers and drizzle with honey according to taste.

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