Friday, February 27, 2009

The Etsy Motherload

Less talk, more Etsy! I am just going to list in the order of the grid. Enjoy!

1.Lace Bordered Top by Eclecticorium $44
2.T-Shirt by Marketstoreshoppe $20
3.Kimono Dress by Lemonstorynyc $110
4.Tunic Dress by PanoramaPony $100
5.Blue Bow Bolero by Joyess $28
6.Paisley Jumpsuit by Suigenerisclothing $89

1.Migration Shift by emilyryan $400
2.Wool Dress by Kcoline $395
3.Pierrette Dress by Kcoline $499
4.Pleated Jacket by Yellowcake $180
5.Tie Blouse by Lemonstorynyc $75
6.Red Dress by Janeyclothing $40
7.Seaside Top by Papercup $48
8.Silk Taffeta Dress by Hollystalder $265
9.Black Silk Dress by Soul2mate $270
10.Gold Lace Dress by Hollystalder $145
11.The Doily Dress by ArmoursansAnguish $260
12.Pink Mayflower Dress by Sarahseven $195

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