Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Living Vicariously

OK, yesterday's pseudo-shopping left me hungry for more window browsing. This time we are venturing out of the crafty e-commune Etsy, into a few e-boutiques who are peddling their designer wares to the label-savvy ladies of the world.

This dress on The Looking Glass is only 54pounds! I am certain Ms. Hepburn would approve!

I am sure that I was a ballerina in another life. I must have been, because if you say the words "ballerina flats" to my face my heart skips a beat as if you had just mentioned the name of a lost romance.

So it goes with out saying that I adore these travel ballet flats by Lanvin on They don't call stilettos killer heels just because they look good, consider these flats your exit strategy to relief. Toss them in your purse and you are good to go for everything from parties to plane rides. Oh ballet flats....

Also a always a sucker for a peter pan Chloe also from Matches.

Back to ballet, sorry. This dress looks like it was borrowed from the New York City Ballet's costume department. In my book, that's a good thing. Oh please someone buy this and send me a picture!!!!!!!!!!! It's a Galliano found on Flannels. It's on sale!

Also on Flannels, I enjoy this lil' D&G number, especially the back. Also on sale.

And now that I've stumbled onto pink dresses, let's have another... This "Pearl Cape Grecian Dress" is by Erotokritos found on

Also by Erotokritos on is this "Nougat Cowl Neck Dress".

So much more later...

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