Monday, December 15, 2008


Hi Everyone!

An ideal introduction to the epitome of my clothing sensibilities can be found in my new absolutely, truly and completely favorite designer, Katherine Pont. Her label, "Mine", is described as a collection of "wearable whims". Originally an illustrator, the Australian's talent led her to experimenting with one of a kind textile prints/embroideries, and then, naturally...stunning garments. She has been living in the UK for seven years and is gaining notoriety among the celebrity creative types.

The collection that first caught my heart was her Autumn/Winter '08 "Elsie Moved in Circles." The beauty is definitely in the details. Her website has become a bit cryptic of late, which leads me to hope that they may be shuffling things around to prepare for a new collection....Fingers crossed! In the mean time, there are a few of her pieces available here and here if you want to do more than just window shop. And to see the whole collection I found it here. Enjoy!


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